China’s xi jinping arrives in Moscow to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Chinese president Xi jinping greeted as best friend by Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Chinese leader is making his first trip to Moscow since Russia started its war against Ukraine. Beijing wants to help bring about peace in the conflict.

During their meeting in Moscow on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted his “dear friend” and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Xi’s first trip to the Russian capital since Putin started his war against Ukraine in February of last year is a highly anticipated two-day trip.

He is also the first leader since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for him on Friday to meet the Russian president.

What was said by Xi and Putin?

Putin told China’s premier during informal talks in the Kremlin that he supported Beijing’s plans to end the war in Ukraine.

China has proposed a 12-point peace plan and called for a cease-fire, both of which have been criticized by the West.

Putin told Xi, “We are always open to negotiations.” We will definitely talk about all of these things, including your initiatives, which we will obviously treat with respect.”

Putin stated, “We have plenty of common tasks and objectives,” adding that the Chinese leader’s decision to travel to Russia for the first foreign trip of his new term was “symbolic.”

In a statement, Xi emphasized China’s “close ties” with Russia, stating: In our comprehensive, strategic partnership, we are partners. Because of this status, our nations ought to have close ties with one another.”

“Slightly envious” of China’s “very effective system for developing the economy and strengthening the state,” Putin expressed to Xi.

Xi praised Putin and predicted that he would win the election the following year.

Xi stated, “Russia has made great progress in its prosperous development under your strong leadership.”

What importance does Xi’s visit have?

While reaffirming its close ties to Moscow, Beijing has chosen to present itself as a neutral party and potential mediator rather than condemn Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Unfamiliar Service said it was “intently” following Xi’s visit and encouraged him to utilize Beijing’s leverage to push for a finish to the conflict.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, criticized Xi’s visit at the same time.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, “The fact that President Xi is traveling to Russia days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President Putin suggests that China does not feel any responsibility to hold the Kremlin accountable for the atrocities committed in Ukraine.”

“Rather than denouncing them it would prefer to give conciliatory cover to Russia to keep on perpetrating those grave wrongdoings,” he added.

At a time when Putin is becoming increasingly isolated internationally and has been accused of war crimes in Ukraine by the International Criminal Court, the trip was anticipated to provide him with a political boost.

On the eve of Xi’s visit, Putin said that Russia had high hopes for the meeting with a “good old friend” and that Beijing was willing to play a “constructive role” in ending the war in Ukraine.
“On strengthening (the two countries’) comprehensive partnership and strategic relations entering a new era,” the Kremlin stated, the leaders would sign an agreement.

Since the start of the war, China has increased its imports of Russian oil and gas and become an increasingly important trading partner for Moscow, which has been hit hard by sanctions.

Both China and Russia showing their strong ties to the world politicians.

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