Fish From the Sky

Photos of a remote desert town in Australia where fish “rained from the sky” have gone viral, shocking residents.  Occupants of a distant local area in Australia were passed on confused last week because of an unusual climate event – many fish “down-poured from the sky” alongside weighty precipitation.

Viral photographs on Twitter show the roads of the outback town called Lajamanu layered with fish that had tumbled from the sky on February 21.

Andrew Johnson Japanangka, a Central Desert councilor and Lajamanu local, was quoted as saying in a news report on the Australian broadcasting news service ABC News: We thought it was just rain until we saw a huge storm approaching my community.

However, it wasn’t just rain that fell; the most common freshwater fish in Australia, the spangled perch, also came down with the heavy downpour.
According to the ABC News report, Japanangka stated that some of the fish were alive when they fell and at least “the size of two fingers.”

A puddle of water still holds some of them in the community. According to the article, he added, “Children are picking them up and keeping them in a bottle or jar.”

Although this might come as a surprise due to the weather, it is not completely unheard of. In Lajamanu, the same thing happened in 2010, 2004, and as far back as 1974.

Strong updrafts, like tornadoes, that drain water and fish from rivers and dump them hundreds of kilometers away, are thought to be the cause of such incidents, according to meteorologists.

The report says that Queensland Museum ichthyologist Jeff Johnson was surprised that such relatively large fish as spangled perch had fallen. Ichthyologists are scientists who study fish.
It turns out that history is littered with such bizarre “rainfalls.”

For instance, in 1857, sugar crystals fell from the sky in Lake County, California, according to a previous Daily Mail report.
A flood of 16th-century coins was brought to Russia in 1940 by a tornado in the country.

In Punta Gorda, Florida, golf balls fell from the sky in 1969.
In 1976, blackbirds and pigeons fell from the sky for two days in San Luis Obispo, California.

Additionally, a jellyfish shower in Bath, England, in 1894, is mentioned in a 2010 publication titled The Handy Answer Book for Kids.
The majority of social media users expressed surprise; Others talked about other odd weather events that were similar.

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