Greece Migrant Boat Disaster

The survivors of a tragic migrant disaster off the southern coast of Greece have revealed that as many as 100 children may have been aboard the fishing boat that sank, making it one of Europe’s most devastating incidents. The confirmed death toll currently stands at 78 individuals, but there are fears that a significant number of people remain missing at sea, with reports indicating that up to 750 individuals were on the vessel.

Greek authorities have taken action by making 11 arrests, including several Egyptians suspected of involvement in human trafficking, as reported by Greek TV. While criticism has been directed at the coastguard for their perceived delay in intervening, officials maintain that their offers of assistance were declined.

Rescue teams continue to scour the area where the boat capsized approximately 50 nautical miles off the southwest coast, though the prospects of finding additional survivors diminish with each passing moment. The ill-fated vessel had been en route from the Libyan port of Tobruk to Italy when it tragically sank.

Disturbing images have emerged depicting the crowded decks of the boat, while testimonies from medical professionals who treated the predominantly male survivors relay accounts of a significant number of women and children being held in the ship’s lower compartments. Dr. Manolis Makaris, the head of cardiology at Kalamata General Hospital, that the survivors had informed him about the presence of children in the lower section of the ship. The exact figures provided by two patients were conflicting, with one estimating around 100 children and the other suggesting 50. Nevertheless, Dr. Makaris stated that the actual number of children remains uncertain but is likely substantial.

Expressing his grave concerns, Dr. Makaris speculated that the death toll could reach as high as 600 individuals. “Everyone told me that the exact number of individuals on the boat was 750. This is the consistent figure relayed to me,” he remarked.

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